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The Iyami Aje

"The supreme Mother"

The Iyami Aje [not to be confused with the Aje Fro] is a type 4 kinky coily wig available in Upart and Full wig.

The Iyami Aje is available in lengths 16" 18" and 20" made to be worn in its full textured glory. [other lengths available upon request]

The Iyami Aje Wig is not for the faint of heart, this is a bold big wig meant to make an impact it is 180% density!

The Iyami Aje wig is made using 100% human hair the hair can be coloured and flat ironed.

The Iyami Aje Wig is available in SMALL 21.5 AND MEDIUM 22.5 the wig is also available in Large and XL as a custom order for an additional £15

PROCESSING time upto 6 weeks dependent on your requirements

CARE: Please note The Iyami Aje Fro has been processed to look like type 4 hair, though the hair can be colored and flat ironed you must take extra care when doing so.

WASHING: Cleanse when needed using sulphate free shampoo, co wash weekly with conditioner ensure hair is rinsed and all product removed. use a light leave in conditioner if required and a light serum or oil [such as argan oil] The Iyami Aje Fro can be defined with curl enhancing products please use sparingly

HEAT STYLING: ALWAYS use heat protectant, use tools that have a varying temperatures. avoid using very high temperatures as these wigs are human hair they are susceptible to heat damage. Alternatively and highly recommended use rollers or flexi rods to create waves and curls.

SHEDDING: The Iyami Aje Fro should not shed excessively though some strands may be released when combing the hair, care should be taken when combing your Aje Fro wig, be gentle and avoid pulling on the hair aggressively detangle when wet with conditioner section and comb from ends to root.


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